A Message from the Master


My brothers, I never thought I would have the great honor of being the Master of Argus Lodge.    I am going to try to my best to make things better.  I have a few past masters over recent years that have started some great programs that I would like to continue.  I would also like any brothers’ input on improving things at the lodge.  One of the improvements I would like to make is attendance at our meetings and getting brothers to join the officers’ line.  But enough of that, lets focus on what makes us great. 

  On February 25th we will be having our annual Chili Cook off from 4 to 7pm.  We are asking for a $10 donation.  We will be having our annual inspection on March 3rd at 7pm in the Master Mason degree.  There is a new order from the Grand Master that the Fellowcraft Team must be done by the brothers from that lodge for inspections only.  This is being done to encourage brothers to participate and come to their lodges.  So, this is going to require all of us to help our Fellowcraft Team captain, WB Dale Hawkins.

                                                                                      Fraternally, WB Dan Illencik
















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