Welcome to Argus Lodge #545 Canfield, OhioWelcome To Argus Lodge 545

If you have any suggestions for this website, please email

Denny Furman       yodenny@aol.com

You can mail your dues to

Russell W. (Dusty) Gillam III    4574 Euclid Blvd.  Youngstown, Ohio  44512 (330)953-7935

             If you would like to rent the pavilion or fellowship hall please contact

                                           Mark Pesut  530-209-5399

The Argus Lodge web site contains information for our members, or anyone interested in learning about who we are and what we do.

Members will find information on current lodge events, news and educational materials.

If you are not a Mason, we invite you to browse the site, and contact us to learn more about the world’s Greatest Fraternity.

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